Friday, January 8, 2010

When words seem to fail...Dance.

So aside from all the other I stuff I do in life I also find time to do something that keeps me sane; Dance. So basically this post is about my road, journey as a dancer and the reason I love dance, in other words me revealing another part of my life. So as a dancer, I have come across moments that changed me as a person, injuries, disappointment, failures, highs and lows through it all I have beautiful memories, gained, technique and a greater understanding of the responsibilities as dancer. Started at the ripe age of five (not professionally). Started gymnastics around 8 years old, I was so flexible when I was younger so put it to good use in gymnastics... lol. To bad I dropped out of that in like a week. I don't really know why I dropped out I think I just got sick of it, at that age I would rather go play outside with friends instead of going to a gym to work out. It's funny cause when I was younger I was mainly self taught, believe or not I was a tad bit of a tom boy, cause of where I grew up as I chilled with my older brother doing boy things jumping off swings, out windows, cart wheels of benches..yes I was a child that was filled with too much energy to contain ! So what better place to direct that energy than dance. So in middle school joined,the dance team, unfortunately when I got to high school didn't join the dance team..imma be real I don't think it was really beneficial for me simply because I been taking dance as a class at school for the past three years next year will be my fourth. So I am more focused on contemporary dance, don't get me wrong I've done hip hop just taught hip hop to some grade two's at a school near by it's amazing the smiles you see on kids faces when dancing :) I also have done African, ballet, jazz and the list goes on. Right now I'm not doing dance outside of school simply because it so expensive these days and extremely hard to fit it in my schedule when I have school involved and a job on the way hopefully,but I do take dance classes here and there.

On the other note, the reason I dance is because sometimes in life words don't always cut it, so to express how I'm feeling I choose to dance. So basically its an expression of life, experiences. Some dances you have to literally dig deep within your soul to portray the mood of the dance.It's something that I love that I will probably do for life, don't see myself doing it as a career choice but definitely one of dreams is to open a studio some how or way to help kids who can't afford to attend a professional dance school.I love dance because you literally give yourself to the stage,and can honestly inspire people through each movement that you do, just like how this dance below inspired me to continue bettering my craft, and bettering my self as a dancer.
So no matter what you do on the side whether it's dance, rap, draw, write or what ever first love what you do or else your wasting precious time.

So, comment and tell me what strengthens you, keeps you sane.

Peace n` love all day♥

Jamie Goodwin- This girls is amazing ..left me speechless.


xoxo Kellz* said...

dats so great that u found something ure great at continue to dance 4 ever n ever lol ill be lookin 4 u on the big screen soon:)

Beautyrush101 said...

Aww... thank you so much, you are very inspiring ♥
maybe one day i'll be on that big screen:)

Tiffany said...

Dancing keeps me sane too.

Nice blog.

Musicismylove said...