Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello my lovely followers and bloggers!... I hope everyone is having a blessed day! So,the Holidays are coming up and I wanted to share two holiday inspired outfits that would be good for those holiday parties or just family dinners. Hopefully you guys like them and this is my opinion of holiday outfits so I'm sorry if it is not your style or isn't something that you would personally wear during the holiday season. A new year is coming up so hopefully you all will take chances with your fashion sense and try something new for the holidays!

peace n love always♥

OUTFIT #1- Family Dinner Attire

OUTFIT #2- Going Out- Party Attire= Rocker chic!

Which color looks better?? I couldn't decide so I'm leaving it up to my fellow fashionista's, comment and tell me what color shoes you would rock with the outfit??

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Military Inspired.

So we all know that the military style jackets are HOT for this season! I think its a great piece to have in your closet for fall they are so cute once paired with the right things. You don't really need to accessorize the top part with any heavy necklaces because the buttons on the jacket already make a statement. So basically, all you need is some killer shoes and your good to go. Oh and yes the outfit is all black , I've really been loving black these days-love it or hate it personally, I LOVE IT.

So here's the outfit that I came up with!

hope you all enjoy it!

peace n love♥