Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who is Beautyrush101?

Well I'm a young vibrant teen girl who's ready to share my knowledge of beauty, fashion, and makeup to the WORLD! I love makeup and in the process of broadening my collection. Fashion is also my other love. This blog will show you the latest fashion and also any shopping hauls that i may have. Most likely I will have alot of fashion and makeup hauls to share ( yes i do love to shop, what girl doesn't!) This is also the spot that will give tips about various things that are either beauty or fashion related. I know there is many blogs such as mines but hopefully you all will remember Beautyrush101 as your GO TO site for anything related to beauty. Hopefully, I can motivate young people like me to be proud of who they are! Remember love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is ART!


swaggster said...

Hey nice blog cuz keep up the good work(Y)!

Superstarr Status.* said...

cecelia! your page is looking hot !
guh deh. (L)