Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Self esteem, Self Worth...CONFIDENCE.

Hello my lovely bloggers and followers! Today's post is strictly about CONFIDENCE. Confidence is something that is attained naturally. It all starts with appreciating your reflection because you only got one YOU! It is important to accept what you see cause that's what you are only going to ever see! Especially for all the ladies out there, body image is a big topic that I don't really want to stress due to the fact that it is a serious issue that many girls and boys struggle with day in and out. My advice for those of you who are going through those issues are simple... don't let what you see on TV, and the media effect the way you see your self as an individual. Everyone is different god made us as individuals for a reason, the world would be boring with duplicates. So with all that said before you put down the way your body, hair, skin, or eyes look love, and appreciate it for what it is. Having confidence is the number one thing you need in a world like today. When you have confidence no one can tell you differently you are able to stand on your own. So, the next time you think your not worthy, or you your not capable of doing something, stop and think about the amazing qualities and values you possess. Always keep your swag on, as swag is a direct portrayal of who you truly are GUARANTEE that will keep them haters talkin' :)

Thanks for reading and remember, beauty comes as much from the MIND as from the EYE.


Lamar said...

i love this post!so many people lack confidence because they're afraid what people will think but they shouldt!
follow me and i already beagan to follow you!

Superstarr Status.* said...

go there philly, thats so true.
i see you :)

Beauty Spot Craze said...

Well said pretty mama

D. said...

Hello my name is Derrick. I would like for you to join my blog if you want to. Remember you are a queen. May God bless you and your whole entire family.

Glitterish Allsorts said...

very inspiring post :)


Hey chikita! lovin' your blog. thnx for followin' mine. I'm now followin' you... :)

Neesh B Fly said...

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NanceeTheDreamer said...

this is so true.
loved this post.
it made others open there eyes to see their true beauty.

pphillyy! :)