Sunday, August 30, 2009

"The Little black Dress".

So I know its been a while but I've been soo busy and trying to get everything ready for school, but i am back with another post :) I wanted to do a post about The Little black dress! Of course, this is an essential item that every girl should have in her closet. Personally, I love a black dress because it can be paired with literally every color that exists. This means that you can dress it up with a pop of color on the shoe, a scarf if the night is chilly, and any color jewelry that suits you.

So, here is an outfit that I put together that features a pop of color on the shoe and a simple way to glam up "the little black dress" with only three items.


мiмi =) said...


Viva La Fashion said...

in my opinion that dress is...just stunning.

Ms. T said...

This was good post.

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Ms. T

Anonymous said...

those purple shoes are bangingg!!! i love it!

That Kid said...
Check it out!!!

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Simpli-c-t said...

love the shoes...x

MalibuMara said...

that is really cute,
and i love this song on your blog,
i followed i hope you return the favor

No said...

great post will this work for a woman's 30th?

Ms. King said...

I luv that LBD (little black dress)...and the accessories are great too

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NanceeTheDreamer said...

I have a black dress just like that!
expect the top is white.