Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love this outfit!! Was playin round wit some clothes and this is what I created ;)
Tell me wat you all think.

Peace n` love

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Jonesy said...

I love that hat! so cute. Love fedoras

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NanceeTheDreamer said...

this outfit is cute.
its a different kind of look.
its all about the top hat that finshes the look!
im planning to get one for the summer. And yes, who doesnt love G-shocks?

Anonymous said...

i love this shirt!!! great slogan ;) i follow youuuuuuu i hope you FOlllowwww me TOoooo??? kiss from germany ;*)

Anonymous said...

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The Ghost of Nas said...

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Amandita said...

i need to get me a hat like that --- great outfit

lipstick cherry said...

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edk.dolce said...

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Queni said...

nIcE bLoG!!

Nefd said...

dope blog and dope post im going to follow your blog make sure you return the love @

thank you

Dee O. said...

i loooove those shorts and the fedora! very cool :)

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such a great quote. i posted a hat similar to this one on my blog! love it. come follow me xxo

Amari Carter said...

the outfit is gorgous..
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sippincamo40 said...

You have to let me know where you found that shirt! I can't find it ANYWHERE and I have that quote tattooed on me!

sippincamo40 said...

I know I'm SOOOO late on this conversation. Lo siento,