Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teyana Taylor Inspired.

This post was inspired by one of my friends Momo shout out to her, keep a look out, her blog coming soon! She is so talented, and inspired me to do this post. It is inspired by Teyana Taylor who she loves!! So basically I found this gorgeous picture of Teyana and I just had to recreate the look, using different pieces. Her fashion sense is dope, edgy, and different, great inspiration.

Hope you all enjoy=)

peace n` love of course!

MY LOOK: The ripped stockings that Teyana has are not featured in my look, as they can be optional.


MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Super cute!!! Love everything.

NanceeTheDreamer said...

very cute outfit

Amandita said...

I love her too... Great post post gurl =)

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

Cute!I really love the simplicity of the top! Like so much your blog ;)

Ms. T said...

Super cute blog~

Become a follower of my blog, check it out

Thanks Ms. T

MARI said...

Ahhh, i die, i die, i die! This is such a rocking good little collection.

-The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

Anonymous said...

nice blog! :D I LIKE IT!!!

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

KISS ;*)

Astérisque said...

love the leather skirt!

Anonymous said...

lovin the fit... teyana is really fashionable.

cuteee blog, btw! =))

xx tiffany

Queen2be said...

OMG where is that jacket from??